We can’t think of a more special moment to honor Bryan than this moment right here. Meet Sandy and Robbie. Sandy was Bryan’s lead nurse following his fatal race car crash in Nebraska. Robbie was the Trauma Program Manager taking care of the Clauson’s every need ensuring their time was not spent away from Bryan.

Throughout Bryan’s time at the hospital, these two went above and beyond the call of duty for Bryan and the entire Clauson family. As a thank you for all that they did, the Clauson family has invited them here to celebrate Bryan and what he did to save and heal lives as an organ and tissue donor. Diana Clauson said, “Sandy and Robbie were two angels sent to us during the darkest days of our lives. To have them here at the Chili Bowl means everything. We love having them here to see Bryan’s world and what meant the most to him. It’s just incredible.”

They are both having a blast and seeing firsthand the impact that Bryan made amongst his fans. Sandy said, ” I feel completely honored to be here with the Clauson family and to get to know who Bryan was and how respected he was in the racing community. To see and hear all of the support for Bryan and what he did to save lives is inspiring.”